company | Aug 16, 2022

Good Luck Gamburg on Your Next Adventure at Afi Conservatory!

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Eric Tran

And the award for best original screenplay at this year’s Oscars goes to… Alex Gamburg?!

I am proud to announce that our very own Alex Gamburg has been admitted to the AFI Conservatory, one of the best films schools in America.

Are we surprised? No.

Gamburg, although you continued exploring new careers, from writer to techie to product marketer, you never stopped honing your tool box. Your ability to capture an audience by skillfully translating intent through the mastery of words and visuals using empathy is nothing short of amazing.

Being recognized by a famed institution is a laggard indicator of what everyone already knew and saw: your talent, dedication and the energy you spent refining your art.

I am grateful that we were able to walk side by side for a while through Hookdeck’s journey. I truly believe that you can achieve whatever you have your sights set on, but it won’t be without speed bumps. When things get tough, remember that Hookdeck has your back and we are one Slack message away.

Enjoy the adventure!

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