company | May 10, 2021

Maurice Joins Hookdeck as a Founding Engineer

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Alexandre Bouchard

We are incredibly excited to announce that Maurice Kherlakian will be transitioning from the role of technical advisor to the position of founding engineer!

Maurice has over 20 years of experience in the world of development tools, and brings with him a range of expertise. From leading go-to-market initiatives as a product manager, to overseeing consultant teams for the migration, support, and implementation of IT solutions, Maurice has done it all. Not to mention his wealth of experience in programming and cloud infrastructure.

In his six months as Hookdeck's technical advisor, Maurice has been guiding the technical team through decisions related to the system's architecture, reliability, and the product itself. As a founding engineer, Maurice will have the opportunity to take his contribution a step further and actually become the owner of Hookdeck's tech stack. He will wear many hats in his new role, as he leads initiatives to accelerate the development of the product, contributes his knowledge on the execution of the go-to-market strategy, and executes all the other tasks necessary to Hookdeck's success!

We imagine a world where the needless complexities of asynchronous event-based communication are abstracted away, setting teams free to focus on building the things they love rather than the infrastructure around them. We are thrilled to count on Maurice on this journey ahead of us as we redefine the future of the connected web.

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