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Welcome Alex Gamburg!

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Eric Tran

We are incredibly excited to announce that Alex Gamburg is joining Hookdeck in the role of Product Marketer!

Gamburg started out at Stanford’s school of human-centered design, and later took on the role of CTO at Writing Pad where he led all tech-related initiatives. Over the past 5 years as CTO, he’s had the chance to hone his technical knowledge while still remembering to nurture his superhero skill: mindfulness. He approaches each task with thoughtfulness and dedication, and champions the user above all else.

At Hookdeck, he’ll translate our development efforts into documentation, tutorials, newsletters and more, all with the goal of empowering our users to effortlessly manage their webhooks. He’ll also use his mastery of words to clarify Hookdeck’s positioning in the vast world of dev tools.

Outside of the technical world, Gamburg’s passion for writing takes shape in the form of various creative projects. His love of movies inspires him and you can often find him working on a new screenplay, directing a short film, or just enjoying new releases!

We imagine a world where the needless complexities of asynchronous event-based communication are abstracted away, setting teams free to focus on building the things they love rather than the infrastructure around them. We are thrilled to count on Gamburg's thoughtful messaging in our journey to redefine the future of the connected web.

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