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Upon signing up you will be prompted to create your first Workspace.

Enter your workspace name and fill in the form.

Create a webhook connection

The onboarding will guide you through creating your first webhook connection.

Create A Source

A Source is a representation of the service you are planning on receiving your webhooks from. That could be Shopify, Github, Olark, Stripe, or any other service.

For our example project, we will create a Github Source.


Create a Destination

A Destination is a representation of your own API where the webhooks will be delivered. Each destination requires an HTTP URL that will receive a POST request with a JSON body payload. Each webhook event also contains Hookdeck metadata.

For our example project, we will create a Hookdeck Mock Destination.


Create a Ruleset

A ruleset is a reusable set of configurations to set the retry logic and alert logic for any event associated with a webhook.

  • The retry logic consists of a retry count and a retry interval. The retry count is the number of automatic retry for a failed event and the retry interval is the time between each automatic retry.
  • The alert logic uses the alert strategy and the alert interval. The alert strategy defines the condition for which you wish to receive an email alert and the alert interval is the minimum time between each email alert.

Each workspace has a Default Ruleset that's configured with sensible defaults.

For our example project, we will use the Default Ruleset that will retry every hour minutes up to 5 times. It will send an email alert for the last failure, with up to 1 email per hour.


You can create your first connection using the API

  "source": {
    "name": "shopify"
  "destination": {
    "name": "my-api",
    "url": ""
curl "POST $API_BASE_URL/webhooks" \
  -H "Authorization: Basic {{ BASE64_API_TOKEN }}" \
  -H "Content-Type: application/json"
  --data '{"source":{"name":"shopify"},"destination":{"name":"my-api","url":""}}'

API reference →

Update the endpoint in the Source

Hookdeck generates a unique URL for each Source. Replace your current endpoint in your Source with Hookdeck's URL.

For our example project, I will update the URL in the config of my GitHub webhook.


Github Webhooks UI


Validate the connection

After replacing the endpoint for Hookdeck's URL. Trigger an action in your source to validate the webhook connection.

You can send a test event from Hookdeck's dashboard

Our first event! 🎉



You created your first webhook connection. You now have a reliable webhook infrastructure along with full visibility on incoming calls and tools to troubleshoot errors. You can sit back while Hookdeck safely handles and delivers your webhooks.

You can now create as many connections as you want with the Dashboard or the API