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Step Five - Recover from Errors

We've made it this far! No one likes to think about troubleshooting issues, but it is a critical process to any successful integration. Fortunately, we've put a lot of work in up front to mitigate common and minor issues, so hopefully the knowledge gained in this section will primarily be for peace of mind.

Receiving Alerts


If you modified your ruleset in Step One to include alerts, you're halfway there! Head on over to your Notification Settings to make sure you're setup to receive alerts relevant to your integration.

Tracking Issues


Keeping the Issues page tidy help you and your team take action on issues that are worthy of your attention. This can be done by managing the status of each issue:

  • Open issues are typically new issues or those that have not been handled in any way.
  • Acknowledged issues are those that are ongoing, but have been review by a workspace user.
  • Resolved issue are those that have been marked as fixed by a workspace user.
  • Ignored issues will no longer automatically reopen when they reoccur.

When you ignore an issue, it will also ignore all of subsequent issues with the same parameters (status code, connection, etc.). If this is undesirable, you can Dismiss an issue to hide it from the UI. Dismissed issues will reopen themselves upon reoccurrence.

Learn more about handling issues here.

Troubleshooting an issue


While it would be impossible to write a one-size-fits-all guide to troubleshooting webhook issues, there are some common steps that most users will likely benefit from trying early in the troubleshooting process to gather a bit more information:

Replaying Webhooks


Once the fix has been deployed, click the Bulk Retry button from your dashboard and replay all the failed webhooks.


You've learned everything you need to know about how to be successful on Hookdeck! You can proceed with development having the peace of mind that you are equipped to handle all your webhooks from development to production the way you want.

For a deeper dive on any of these topics (and more!), feel free to jump into the full documentation.

Any other questions, comments, requests, or concerns? We'd love to hear it.