Filter out the noise.

Receive only the webhooks you need

Why should your server process every single webhook when you only care about certain events? Selectively ignore requests based on their headers, body, or path – all with a simple JSON filter.

Representation of a webhook filter schema aside webhook event data with an accepted notification highlighted.

Filter for any condition under the sun

Use any request attribute to process, ignore, or selectively route the webhook.


Filter on a JSON body object. “inventory”: “0”

Request Headers

Filter on a specfic event topic. “header-topic”: “message sent”

URL Queries

Filter on a condition. ?condition=true

URL Path

Filter on a unique id. /user_id/answer

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Clear away the clutter, completely free.

Stop drinking from the firehose and start taking advantage of Hookdeck filters. Zero coding required.

Uses simple JSON

Build filters using a familiar notation, and match on any value in the payload.

Selectively route webhooks

Send different payloads to different endpoints based on their contents.

Works on nested objects and arrays

No matter how the payload data is structured, Hookdeck’s filters will do the trick.

Allows for complex matches

Reference other values within the payload, and use them like variables to evaluate a match.

Supports operators

Filter using operators like greater than, contains, starts with, logic gates, and more.

Integrates into your CI/CD pipeline

Manage all your filters from an easy-to-use dashboard, or programatically with Hookdeck’s robust API .

Representation of a list of webhook events with a header-topic filter applied.

"Filtering reduces my Shopify webhooks by 90%, allowing me to stay focused on what’s relevant."

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