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Head of Developer Relations

To apply, send an email to [email protected]

We strive to create a seamless event-driven architecture experience for developers by providing the most reliable and straightforward event gateway. Our commitment is to redefine asynchronous event handling. To accomplish our ambitious goals, we need talented individuals to join us in this mission.

We’re looking for a senior Head of Developer Relations with a proven track record of success to help developers find, learn and be successful with Hookdeck so they can manage inbound and outbound events from their 1st to billionth.

What will you be doing?

You’d be the first person to join the team in the role of DevRel with a greenfield opportunity to define the function of our team. We see the function of DevRel as being focused on the following:

  • Content and education: Hookdeck is building a new category of infrastructure & dev tools that requires education. It’s been our primary driver to spread awareness, and we are looking forward to building upon this with more technical content. We have the burden to show how Hookdeck can help you.
  • Developer success: Do all that’s in your power to make sure developers are successful in getting started with Hookdeck, whether that’s through stellar documentation or improvements to our development tools. You’ll also be responsible for communicating with users about platform improvements.
  • Partnership, collaboration, community and engagement: Hookdeck, first and foremost, helps bridge different software and runtimes together. Our users are also users of thousands of other software they integrate with. Building on that relationship is an excellent way to bring value to more people.


  • Practical experience in software development and proficiency in a few common programming languages with large communities, such as Python, Javascript/TS, Ruby etc.
  • 5+ years experience in developer relations or advocacy
  • Excellent communication and writing skills and the ability to connect with diverse developer communities
  • Understanding of webhooks, event-driven architecture, and distributed systems.

You will be valued for

  • Your authentic communication skills. You have a knack for reading an audience and communicating effectively through various spoken and written mediums.
  • Your enthusiasm for software engineering and understanding of webhooks, event-driven architecture, distributed systems and problems that arise from scaling.
  • Taking the initiative. You identify opportunities and take action!
  • Your grit and high standards for quality. You have the courage to try new things but never compromise excellence.
  • Your passion for engaging with developer communities and your track record of sharing knowledge and helping fellow developers.

What you can expect

  • Full autonomy in your role
  • Work on a small, multi-disciplinary team
  • Plan and execute developer relations and outreach strategies.

About Hookdeck

At Hookdeck, we not only give you the platform to utilize your skills, but we also offer you a chance to shape the future of event-driven architecture.

We don't compromise on personal autonomy. We strongly believe that our best work is done on our own terms. That's why everyone has full autonomy in their schedule and work. We are looking for contributors that have unique perspectives and skills to bring to the table and raise our ability to execute our vision.

Working at Hookdeck is also about respect. The ability to respect other people's lifestyles, thoughts, and emotions. We aim to offer a workplace where people can feel heard, understood, trusted, and vulnerable. We believe in people's self-development and focus on creating a working environment where everyone can grow by being challenged yet supported.


  • A fully remote, asynchronous team and culture
  • A flexible work schedule; we value trust and ownership when it comes to getting work done
  • Generous stock option plan with contributor-friendly terms
  • A culture of learning, wellness, and growth