DX Engineer

Our ambition is to redefine how async events are managed. We want to help teams handle webhooks without having to deal with the complexity by offering the most reliable and simple-to-use webhook infrastructure.

We’re looking for a Developer Experience Engineer to improve user experience by helping developers successfully leverage the product. You will also be the voice of current users, collecting feedback to influence the product roadmap and help us take the experience of using Hookdeck to the next level.

What you will be doing:

  • Collect feedback by interacting with the current users.
  • Identify and action opportunities for improving the developer experience with the product which may include working on integrations, guides, documentation, code examples, tools and SDK’s, and templates.

What you can expect:

  • Working alongside a small product team (2-4 engineers), with a lot of freedom & responsibility
  • Influencing the product roadmap based on user challenges and opportunities
  • End-to-end implementation of developer experience projects

You will be valued for:

  • Being Developer Centric. You are critical of developer tool experience and obsessed with making developers’ life easier.
  • Taking initiative. You are convinced in your belief of what makes Hookdeck a tool that devs love using, which helps you identify opportunities and take action!
  • Your Technical writing skills. You have a passion for writing complex ideas in a helpful and digestible format.
  • Your natural curiosity in how things work and how they are used.
  • Your passion for being a builder. You enjoy coding and shipping projects end to end.

What technical stack will you be working on?

We currently work on Kubernetes, Cloudflare (Workers, KV), Postgres, Redis, Kafka, NodeJS (TS), React (NextJS, TS) and Go. However, this should not be considered as cast in stone, as we build out the product, we will be replacing and adding the most appropriate solutions to the stack.

About Hookdeck

At Hookdeck, we don't compromise on work-life balance. We strongly believe that growth and fulfillment come in all spheres of life and we want to encourage that. That's why everyone has full autonomy in their schedule and work but is expected to communicate the constraints and expectations.

Working at Hookdeck is about respect. The ability to respect other people's lifestyles, thoughts, and emotions. We aim to offer a workplace where people can feel heard, understood, trusted, and vulnerable. We believe in people's self-development and focus on creating a working environment where everyone can grow by being challenged, yet supported.


  • A fully remote team and culture
  • A culture of learning, wellness, and growth
  • A flexible work schedule; we value trust and ownership when it comes to getting work done
  • Stock option plan

How to Apply

Please fill in the following form to express your interest or email [email protected].

We can't wait to hear from you!