Queue events with confidence

Hookdeck’s prebuilt infrastructure is a simple and reliable push queue for your serverless stack.

Representation of a list of webhook events with a retry button selected.
Introducing Hookdeck

The event-driven push queue you’ve been looking for

Why Hookdeck

In traditional back-end development, event streaming is the paradigm for event-driven architecture. However, working on a serverless stack means you can’t be connected to a stream, or  pulling from a queue. Webhooks are your only option.

Hookdeck is a prebuilt webhook queue that lets you “push” events, and trigger your serverless functions with total confidence. Benefit from built-in scaling, error recovery, monitoring, and alerting – all without provisioning your infrastructure or deploying new code.

Representation of a webhook connection and a list of its rules.

Deliver events on your terms

When delivering events to your serverless functions, Hookdeck lets you make the rules. Configure advanced routing, filtering, and rate limits in a few clicks.

Delivery Features

Full visibility across your events

Hookdeck keeps a record of every request and delivery attempt to give you confidence that everything’s running smoothly. And when things break, full visibility over your event data makes debugging a breeze.

Monitoring Features
Representation of a webhook event with an event detail modal opened, along with the option to view all lines of event code.
Representation of a list of webhook events with a "bulk retry" button above.

Recover from errors without missing a beat

Define automatic retry logic, or manually replay failed events after you’ve fixed an issue. Whether it’s downtime, congestion, or a bug, you’ll successfully take action on every single event you receive.

Recovery Features

Confidently manage events in under 5 minutes.