Unblock your chain.

Hookdeck makes Web3 more reliable

Representation of a resolved webhook error.
Don't leave your users holding the bag

Customers rely on you for up-to-date information – when trades executed, transactions failed, or NFT bids were accepted.

Success starts (and ends) with your stack

Missing events erodes trust and steers users to other platforms.

“Building on top of decentralized infrastructure requires an above average amount of webhook interaction, which has the potential to decrease robustness. Hookdeck is an important tool in our tech stack that ensures our application is reliable the way that users expect.
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Duncan Cock Foster
Co-Founder, Nifty Gateway (Gemini)

Get in lockstep with your blockchain

Hookdeck is a centralized hub for all your decentralized integrations. Get real-time visibility over key events like large transactions, requests for authenticity, price changes, and moving funds between wallets.

Representation of a list of Web3 features Hookdeck offers, including price changes, transactions, authentication, and fund movement.
Representation of a three-step process to resolve webhook event errors.

3 steps to success

Works with any API provider that sends webhooks.

Implement a webhook infrastructure like Hookdeck.

It’s simple to setup. Zero code changes required.

Safely and reliably manage every transaction event.

Hookdeck’s dashboard gives you full visibility over every event, in real time.

Get alerted to issues and resolve them before they impact customers.

Configurable alerts and automatic retries make error recovery a breeze.

Our system and architecture heavily relies on webhooks. Using Hookdeck has greatly simplified this process of seamlessly building and managing a webhook and event driven infrastructure. They have truly kept to their promise of having extensive and advanced capabilities of managing webhooks without the headache of attempting to build anything custom from scratch. The insights, visibility, retries and error handling it provides is simply astonishing.

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Kehinde Odetola

Hookdeck will save you a lot of time working with decentralized infrastructure. It is the perfect fit for handling side effects of on-chain events. Observe in real-time, trace issues, and retry operations with just a few clicks.

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Enzo Ferey
Co-founder & CTO

Deploy reliable webhook integrations in minutes.