What is an Event Gateway?

A reliable event gateway for asynchronous applications

Receive, process, and deliver messages across your event-driven architecture with Hookdeck's platform for engineering teams.

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  1. Never miss an event.

    Rely on an event gateway with unparalleled uptime and ingestion speeds.

  2. Consolidate events across sources.

    Combine disparate sources to centralize and simplify your pipeline.

  3. Centralize and streamline authentication.

    Leave handshake and verification logic to Hookdeck, with built-in signature support.


  1. Filter and route messages.

    Use payload data to selectively filter events and control their final destination.

  2. Transform data.

    Use custom logic to modify and conform metadata and payloads.

  3. Pause now, play later.

    Queue events during scheduled downtime and unplanned outages.


  1. Queue events for delivery.

    Rely on a powerful yet flexible queueing system that underpins the Hookdeck event gateway.

  2. Manage delivery rate of outbound events.

    Deliver events at a preconfigured rate, or dynamically based on server response.

  3. Retry automatically.

    Re-attempt unsuccessful deliveries at configurable rates.

  4. Fan out delivery.

    Send events from a single source to multiple destinations.

A platform you can rely on

Hookdeck is a secure and trustworthy platform that can handle whatever comes its way

  1. 99.99% Uptime

    Ingestion is highly reliable and available so you never miss an event.

  2. Worldwide < 3s P99

    Guaranteed to add less than 3 seconds of latency for 99% of events.

  3. 1,000+ Events/second

    Events are processed at a high throughput, without increasing latency.

  4. SoC2 Compliant

    Voluntary certification with AICPA's stringent compliance standards.

One event gateway, many use cases

Hookdeck was built to be flexible and unopinionated to fit any scenario.

Safeguard your service. The Hookdeck event gateway shields your API from traffic spikes, and automatically retries missed events at safe intervals. Unify and simplify verification with a single Hookdeck signature. Quick start
Trigger events once. Hookdeck will intelligently queue and route payloads to their final destination at configurable rates. Failed messages can be automatically retried to ensure nothing gets missed. Quick start
Bridge events across external providers. Hookdeck enables payload transformations, routing, and error recovery to receive and deliver the right message in the right format. Third-party to third-party message routing
Quick start
Reliably consume events at scale. Hookdeck covers everything from analytics and telemetry data capture, to triggering long-running asynchronous processes. Asynchronous API gateway infrastructure
Quick start
Route inbound and outbound requests between edge functions and API platforms. Hookdeck is a dependable messaging hub for your serverless architecture.

Build. Tools to maximize developer productivity and enable organization-wide collaboration.

  • Hookdeck CLI: Route real-world events to your local environment for development and testing.

  • Bookmarks: Capture, store, and replay prototypical events to facilitate testing during development.

  • Organization access: Share Hookdeck projects with team members to collaborate on your event pipeline.

Deploy. Multi-environment support that slots into your existing CI/CD pipeline.

  • Any environment. Use the Hookdeck Terraform provider or API to automate setup across multiple environments.

  • Automated testing. Trigger representative events for common or edge case scenarios.

  • Deployment debugging. Query logs to view the progress of CI/CD testing and deployment, and investigate failures.

Operate. Insight into issues, and practical features for resolution and recovery.

  • Issues & Notifications. Get alerted to failures, investigate using detailed logging, and communicate issue status with the whole team.

  • Error Recovery. Find and retry events in bulk, ensuring no events are missed and your systems stay in sync.

  • Pause Delivery. Hold events safely during planned maintenance and unexpected production outages.

Observe. Shipping software is just the beginning.

  • Metrics. Monitor and analyze the health, performance, and security of your event-driven applications.

  • Metrics Export. Bring your metrics data off-platform using Hookdeck's Datadog integration.

  • Logging and Querying. Perform detailed analyses on every event with a feature-rich querying interface.

Engineering teams everywhere trust Hookdeck

  1. This is a very cool idea. A managed reliability & observability layer for webhooks & other events.

    If you're building apps that respond to e.g.: Stripe or Vercel webhooks, this is a no-brainer.

    Guillermo Rauch
    CEO, Vercel

  2. Never lose a webhook event again! Setting up the proper infrastructure to seamlessly handle a spike of webhook events can be challenging. Hookdeck is your safety net to monitor, manage and recover your webhooks.

    Quy Le
    Sr. Product Manager, Okta

  3. The team at Hookdeck is doing a phenomenal job of tackling a problem that has become more complex. Webhooks are deceptively simple until you need to operate at scale and deal with spikes, retries, dropped events, and errors.

    Alex Plugaru
    Co-founder and CTO, Gorgias

  4. Leaving our webhook management to Hookdeck allowed us to focus on building Canal for our customers. I trust my critical webhooks with the team... we haven't missed one for over a year.

    Clayton Schubiner
    Co-founder & CTO, Canal

  5. The value I get with Hookdeck is this peace of mind around handling huge volumes of event data. Hookdeck acts as a shield to protect our infrastructure from massive demand.

    Nick Fogle
    CEO, Churnkey

  6. I don't want to miss a single payment notification from our partners. I use Hookdeck to reliably capture all of the incoming webhooks so that I can easily replay them in case of an error or our services were down.

    Abeer Agrawal
    Co-founder and CTO, Levro

  7. Webhooks at Contra are mission-critical and Hookdeck lets us sleep at night. Retries are a lifesaver, the log of all requests makes debugging a breeze.

    Mike Roelens
    Senior Engineer, Contra

  8. I didn't realize that having a webhook infrastructure could save me this much time and headache. Hookdeck really made handling and managing webhooks integrations super simple.

    Phillip Malboeuf
    Tech Lead, Dispatch

  9. It instills us with confidence that system integrations are working and it provides us with observability, plus utility to easily recover when third parties have outages.

    Chris Boden
    Lead Developer

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