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Everything you need to deploy robust event-driven applications


$0 /month


  • 10K events


  • 1 user
  • 3 days retention
  • Unlimited connections
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$39 /month


  • 100K events + $10 per mil.

Everything in Developer, plus

  • Up to 25 users
  • 7 days retention
  • Unlimited events
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  • As low as $2.5 per mil. events

Everything in Growth, plus

  • Volume usage pricing
  • Throughput discounts
  • Custom retention
  • Support and uptime SLA
  • SSO, SAML and SCIM
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All plans include the option to add-on Static IPs

Event throughput rate

Hookdeck projects come provisioned with a capacity of 5 events per second. You can upgrade to a larger throughput size at any time. Hookdeck will never refuse events – throughput controls the delivery rate, and events above the provisioned rate are queued.

Learn more in our docs
Small-5 5 events per second $0.00 / month
Small-10 10 events per second $30.00 / month
Small-25 25 events per second $65.00 / month
Medium-50 50 events per second $120.00 / month
Medium-100 100 events per second $220.00 / month
Large-200 200 events per second $400.00 / month
Custom >200 events per second Contact us

Volume usage pricing  Scale

Higher volume, cheaper usage. Save up to 75% on usage fees with Hookdeck’s Scale plan.

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1 - 100m $10.00 / mil. events
100m - 500m $7.50 / mil. events
500m - 1b $5.00 / mil. events
1b+ $2.5 / mil. events
Starts at $0/month
Starts at $39/month
Starts at $149/month
Included monthly events 10K 100K 100K Custom
Additional events +$10.00 per million +$10.00 per million Variable
Included monthly discarded requests 10K Includes 100K Includes 100K Custom
Additional discarded requests +$2.50 per million +$2.50 per million 25% of events fee
Users 1 25 25 Unlimited
Data Retention 3 days 7 days 30 days Custom
Static IP + $150 + $150 + $150 + $150
Slack Channel Community Community Community Private Channel
Email Basic Standard Standard Premium
Uptime & Latency SLA
Dedicated Support SLA + Add-on
Solution Engineering + Add-on
Enhanced Onboarding + Add-on
Security and Compliance
SoC2 Type 2 Request report Request report Request report
Single Sign-On (ie. SAML, OIDC)
Granular roles and user permissions
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Frequently asked questions

Is there a trial period?

No, all accounts start on the Free Developer plan.

Is a credit card required?

No. You can sign up for an account without a credit card.

What's the difference between a request and an event?

We count any inbound HTTP request from one of your sources as a request. When one of these incoming requests is delivered to a destination, we count it as an event. A request can result in 0, 1 or multiple events based on your connection configuration.

Are event retries free?

Yes. The price of an event includes all its retries.

What if I exceed 10,000 events on the Developer plan?

You will continue receiving your events but the dashboard will become locked until you upgrade your plan or enter a new billing period. In the case of excessive overages, we reserve the right to stop processing all requests and events.

How is project throughput changes charged?

Project throughput changes are charged pro-rated for the remaining days of the month. When you upgrade your throughput you are charged for the full pro-rated value for the remainder of your billing period and the renews automatically on your next invoice. In the case of a downgrade, you will be credited the pro-rated amount for the remainder of the month. Changing throughput takes effect immeditately.

What if I exceed my project throughput limits?

Don't worry, you won't miss any events. When these rates are exceeded, we safely queue additional events and process them at the throughput speeds selected for your project. Changing throughput takes effect immeditately.

Where can I see how many requests and events I've received?

You can find the number of requests and events on the organization billing page.

What does retention mean?

Retention refers to the number of days we store your event data. Increasing your retention does not guarantee that you will be able to access all of your previous pre-rentention change data. We reserve the right to delete data older than your retention period at any time.

What if I switch my plan in the middle of the month?

You will be billed for your pro-rated charge for the remainder of your billing period. If you downgrade your plan, you will be credited the pro-rated difference.

How granular is your billing rate?

The usage billing is pro-rated by 100k. For example the price for 100,000 events on our team plan is 0$, 100,001 events is 1$ and 999,999 events is 9$.