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Issues overview

Issues let you track problems in your workspace and communicate resolution steps with your team.

How issues work

When a problem occurs, an issue is automatically opened per the connection's issue trigger and your team is notified per the workspace's notification preferences.

You can inspect an issue to understand its root cause and take steps to resolve it. This includes viewing all associated events, and replaying the affected events once the issue is fixed.

Along the way, it's good practice to mark the issue with the appropriate status to keep your team up-to-date on resolution measures.

Parts of an issue

Issue type

An issue's type represents the kind of problem that triggered it.

Issue typeBehavior
DeliveryA delivery issue is opened when an attempt is resulting in failures, according to the connection's issue trigger. Delivery issues display a histogram of the associated events, as well as the option to bulk retry all the associated failures.
TransformationA transformation issue is opened when one of your transformations has failed to properly apply, either due to uncaught exceptions, thrown errors, or invalid data.
BackpressureA transformation issue is caused when the estimated queue time (600,000ms, or 10 minutes, by default) exceeds the configured delay threshold.

Issue status

Each issue has a status that helps you track resolution steps with your team.

Issue statusDescription
OpenA new issue that will display a red error badge on the dashboard
AcknowledgedAn ongoing issue that has been acknowledged by a workspace member
ResolvedAn issue that has been fixed, or is believed to have been fixed
IgnoredAn issue that will no longer re-open when it reoccurs (use with caution)

When setting the issue status to ignored, please be aware that equivalent errors on this connection will no longer trigger alerts.

Additionally, you can hide an issue from the UI by dismissing it. Dismissed issues will re-open when they reoccur, unless they are also marked as ignored.

To reveal your dismissed issues, click the filter button at the top of the Issues page and toggle Include Dismissed.

Issue notifications

Automatically alert your team to any issues so they can begin to take steps to resolve problems as soon as possible.

To set up issue notifications, configure the workspace's notification preferences. Members can be alerted on two possible triggers:

  • When an issue is opened
  • When an issue's status is updated

Notifications contain the payload of the failed webhook.