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Event-driven architecture has often been viewed as merely an internal concern, but this perspective is highly outdated.

Building software has become intrinsically linked with integrating numerous software components and services. This shift has necessitated a move towards an eventual-consistency model, achieved by distributing events between applications.

Webhooks and externally distributed events enable us to build reliable software, but the infrastructure is still playing catch up. It's time to move beyond makeshift solutions and embrace the Event Gateway as the solution for interoperable, cloud-native software.

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Our story

As developers, we’ve wasted countless hours dealing with missed, mission-critical webhook events from Shopify, Stripe, and Intercom. Each service was different in the configuration options it offered and the steps it took to diagnose.

We realized that, in the age of the connected web, tooling is only one part of the equation. Engineering teams needed a complete event gateway platform if they were going to efficiently and reliably build scalable event-driven applications.

Our team

Alex Bouchard

Co-Founder, CEO

Alex is a product designer, fullstack engineer and entrepreneur. His expertise translates very well to solve complex problems developers solves everyday.

Maurice Kherlakian

Co-Founder, CTO

Maurice is a veteran system architect and developer with over 20 years of experience that has worked across large organizations and startups.

Kyle Weidman

Phil Leggetter

Troy Coombs

Sarah LeMon

Thomas Klepacz

Our Investors & Advisors

To support our mission, Hookdeck has raised $5.5M USD.

Patrick Malatack

Matrix Partners

Kojo Osei

Matrix Partners

Ott Kaukver


Farhan Thawar


Alexandru Plugaru


Chris Nguyen


Romain Lapeyre


Brian Vallelunga


Vlad Pick


Francois Arbour


Jonas Börjesson


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