Careers at Hookdeck

We're committed to redefining how engineering teams build, deploy, operate, and observe event-driven applications.

Our mission

At our core, we strive to create seamless event-driven engineering experiences for teams by building and operating the most reliable and intuitive event gateway.

How we work

We don't compromise on personal autonomy. We strongly believe that our best work is done on our own terms. That's why everyone has full autonomy in their schedule and work. We are looking for contributors that have unique perspectives and skills to bring to the table and raise our ability to execute our vision.

Working at Hookdeck is also about respect. The ability to respect other people's lifestyles, thoughts, and emotions. We aim to offer a workplace where people can feel heard, understood, trusted, and vulnerable. We believe in people's self-development and focus on creating a working environment where everyone can grow by being challenged yet supported.


Newfoundland, Canada

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New York, New York

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Our values

Learn by doing well

Each thing we do is an opportunity to learn, but you only learn if you put sufficient effort, thoughtfulness, and craft into it. A "test" that could never have possibly worked is not a test; it's a waste of time. When you have evidence or conviction, set your mind to do it and do it well enough to make it matter.

Work on your terms with accountability

At Hookdeck, we value and respect your personal agency. You have the freedom to work in your own space and time without the constraints of fixed hours or locations. While we embrace this flexibility, we also maintain a culture of accountability and trust in your ability to find the right balance between personal satisfaction and professional excellence.

We’re all leaders

We champion bold and impactful initiatives, understanding that swift decision-making is essential for our success. We empower each team member to take the lead, embrace difficult decisions, step on toes, and advance with confidence. We cultivate a supportive environment where every action is recognized as a progressive step towards our common goals, rooted in positive intent.

Join us as we build the
event gateway of the future.