What's a Bookmark?

Bookmarks are a convenient way to store and replay webhook requests. It's a library of representative requests of the cases and payloads you expect to test and develop your code with.

For example, suppose you are running an e-commerce store and doing something specific when an order is creating containing a gift card. In that case, you could bookmark one of that webhook under the label "Order Created with Gift Card" and replay that request later when testing or troubleshooting that specific logic of your API.

The bookmarked request data will be exempted from your archiving period and remain available as long as it is bookmarked. However, historical events will still be archived.

Using Bookmarks

Adding a Bookmark

You can add a bookmark by clicking the bookmark icon on any event in the "CLI view" events page or the dropdown menu of any events in the "HTTP view" events page.

A bookmark requires a label. It's best to use something descriptive like "Product Updated – Out of stock", etc.

add bookmark

Replaying a Bookmark

Replaying a bookmark will trigger a new event to its associated connection. When the "CLI View" replayed, bookmarks will only be sent to connected CLIs. In the "HTTP View", it will only be sent to HTTP URLs (and not CLIs).

replay bookmark

Contrary to an event retry, a replay creates a new event instead of a new attempt.

Editing a Bookmark

A bookmark label and associated connection can be updated using the "pen" icon on the top of the sidebar when selecting it in the "Bookmarks" page

edit bookmark

Removing a Bookmark

A bookmark can be removed using the "garbage can" icon on the top of the sidebar when selecting it in the "Bookmarks" page.

remove bookmark