Redefining the future of the connected web.

Delivering a webhook infrastructure that developers love is just the beginning. We imagine a world where the needless complexities of asynchronous event-based communication are abstracted away, setting teams free to focus on building the things they love rather than the infrastructure around them.

Meet the team making it happen.

Alexandre Bouchard
Maurice Kherlakian
Founding Engineer
Troy Coombs
Backend Developer
Thomas Klepacz
Product Designer

The spark that started the fire

As developers, we’ve wasted countless hours dealing with missed, mission-critical webhooks from Shopify, Stripe and Intercom. Each service was different in the configuration options it offered and the steps it took to diagnose. That’s when we realized that, in the age of the connected web, tooling is only one part of the equation. Developer teams needed a complete webhook infrastructure if they were going to efficiently and reliably manage numerous integrations.

We want to empower tech teams to build what brings them joy by simplifying the rest.

Alex & Eric,

Backed by tech leaders

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