Redefining the future of the connected web.

Delivering a webhook infrastructure that developers love is just the beginning. We imagine a world where the needless complexities of asynchronous event-based communication are abstracted away, setting teams free to focus on building the things they love rather than the infrastructure around them.

Meet the team making it happen.

Picture Alexandre Bouchard
Alexandre Bouchard
Alex heads up the product side of Hookdeck. His parallel experience as both a product designer and a CTO lets him iterate rapidly on the codebase, all while keeping the user at the center of every decision. He is a maker at heart, and loves building original solutions that surprise and delight. He often takes his passion for problem solving to the climbing wall – when he’s not shipping, he’s sending.
Picture Eric Tran
Eric Bang-Tri Tran
Eric heads up all things growth at Hookdeck. His past experience in consulting and managing has led him to an open-minded leadership style that helps buoy the team’s spirits — while his intuitive business sense lets him crunch the numbers and see patterns in the data. He loves to travel, and makes new and spontaneous connections everywhere he goes.
Picture Maurice Kherlakian
Maurice Kherlakian
Founding Engineer
Maurice has ownership over Hookdeck’s tech stack, and guides the team through decisions about architecture, reliability, and product. He has over twenty years of experience in the world of dev tools, and a wealth of experience with cloud infrastructure and IT solutions. His ego-free approach to work helps him lead with openness and compassion.
Valerian Hookdeck profile picture
Valerian Galliat
Backend Developer
Val is responsible for the reliability and optimization of Hookdeck’s backend infrastructure. His passion for development is just one of his many callings. When he’s not bringing his creative intuition to the codebase, he can be found blogging, photographing, climbing, and slapping the bass.eer
Troy Coombs
Backend Developer
Troy tackles infrastructural challenges to help Hookdeck grow and scale reliably. With twenty years of programming under his belt, and first-hand experience growing a startup into a successful venture, he continues to push himself to learn every day – often sharing that wisdom with the team through daily quotes. Above all, he loves spending time in nature with his wife and two huskies.
Alex Gamburg
Product Marketer
Gamburg makes Hookdeck friendly, through documentation, tutorials, and product announcements. With the unique perspective of a CTO-turned-writer, he approaches each task with the user (or reader) top-of-mind. Outside the tech world, his creativity takes the shape of screenplays, short stories, and poetry.
Lee Trout
Developer Experience
With over seventeen years of development experience, Lee has a wealth of experience working with early-stage companies, and knows how to make a big impact while wearing multiple hats. He’s a world-class communicator and a champion of perfecting process.
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We are a distributed, asynchronous team that doesn’t compromise on work-life balance. Everyone has full autonomy over their schedule – growth and fulfillment come in all spheres of life, and we want to support that. We aim to create a working environment where everyone can grow by being challenged, yet supported.
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The spark that started the fire

As developers, we’ve wasted countless hours dealing with missed, mission-critical webhooks from Shopify, Stripe and Intercom. Each service was different in the configuration options it offered and the steps it took to diagnose. That’s when we realized that, in the age of the connected web, tooling is only one part of the equation. Developer teams needed a complete webhook infrastructure if they were going to efficiently and reliably manage numerous integrations.

We want to empower tech teams to build what brings them joy by simplifying the rest.

Alex & Eric,

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