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As Hookdeck Doubles Users, We Announce Our Seed Funding Led By Matrix Partners


Today we are excited to share that Hookdeck has raised $3M CAD ($2.4M USD) in seed funding, led by Matrix Partners with support from leaders across the developer space including Farhan Thawar (VP Eng at Shopify), Alex Plugaru (CTO at Gorgias), Ott Kaukver (CTO at Checkout) and Francois Arbour (CEO at Designstripe), among others. Today’s news will enable our team to continue building the best webhook infrastructure available at scale.

This milestone presents an opportunity for us to reflect on our recent momentum. Our team has been on a roll since launching in June 2021, and over the past four months we’ve more than doubled in many of the key markers we track – including doubling the new users signing up for the platform, doubling our customer count, and doubling our recurring monthly revenue. And since becoming available, the total number of webhooks we’ve processed has increased by 94% on average month over month, signaling a trend of nearly doubling every month since launch.

Today hundreds of teams – from Gemini to Contra – rely on us to develop, test, and monitor their webhooks. Many others – including Okta and BetterStack – have made space in their documentation to direct their own users to Hookdeck. We’re driven to continue building services that enable developers across the world to focus more on creating what they love, while relying on us to ingest and process their event data.

Duncan Cock Foster, founder of Nifty Gateway (a Gemini company), relies on Hookdeck for their webhooks and shared that

“Building on top of decentralized infrastructure requires an above average amount of webhook interaction, which has the potential to decrease robustness. Hookdeck is an important tool in our tech stack that ensures our application is reliable the way that users expect.”

And the former VP of Product at Twilio, Patrick Malatack, also shared

“When I discovered Hookdeck, I immediately knew this was a missing tool in the modern developer infrastructure stack. Twilio we would generate billions of webhooks a month but customers always struggled with the lack of visibility around failures and limited ability to debug, with Hookdeck all of that works right out of the box.”

Today’s newly announced capital will enable us to double our team and further strengthen our product, as we grow to support more users and teams with higher volumes of traffic. We are expanding our free plan to be 10x more generous: increasing the number of webhook events users have from 10K to 100K and increasing their data retention period from 1 day to 3 days. And for established customers, we are focused on increasing webhook visibility by unlocking more crucial data points and insights, which translates into more effective and impactful monitoring and error recovery. These updates will allow us to support every type of developer and team starting a project.

We remain dedicated to building stellar webhook infrastructure, while also helping our users build exceptional event driven, asynchronous systems. We’re working with leading teams, like our partners at Okta, to build out educational resources including guidebooks on subjects like webhooks concepts and platform’s best practices.

We’re excited to grow our team and direct our collective energy towards relieving the pain of managing webhooks at scale. Today’s news follows other recent momentum, including our appearance on the front page of Hacker News and ranking #3 on Product Hunt as Product of the Day. If you are passionate about building reliable and simple-to-use solutions, we are hiring across all roles – learn more about joining our team here!

Thanks for being a part of our journey as we work to build the default solution for sending and receiving asynchronous event data between systems – we’re just getting started!