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Hookdeck Is Ready For Its Spotlight

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Hookdeck started as a rough idea, a couple of Figma wireframes and diagrams and that was about it. About 3 months later we had our first production customer but let's be real, it was very rough around the edges.

Last week, Hookdeck received its 1200th commit on the master branch, has double digits users, raised a pre-seed round and now pays 4 people's salaries. It's a big milestone and today I am confident that Hookdeck is ready for its spotlight. There is always one other thing in the way of you standing by what you've done. "We are missing feature X we can't announce it now!". Well, you know what? Now we can.

There is still a lot to go to realize our vision but nonetheless, I believe that what we have built is tremendously useful and reliable. It's now the time to try it out and see for yourself.

I'm proud to say that Hookdeck offers:

  1. Full visibility of webhooks events data, metadata and status;
  2. A complete webhooks infrastructure to handle large throughput reliably without deploying any infrastructure or code change;
  3. Ability to recover from errors with custom retry and alerting rules, bulk and manual retries;
  4. A single place to manage all your webhooks;
  5. A robust and free development workflow when working with your local server

You can find out how that works in practice in your docs.

I'm excited and feel confident to share what we have built at large. To celebrate this new milestone, we decided to show publicly what we have to offer and what better way to do this than to show what we have built on Hacker News!

You can find follow the discussion on the Show HN post here

We are very excited to put the platform to enable many more technical teams to quickly deliver reliable, testable and debuggable webhook integrations.

Alex, Co-Founder