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Hookdeck lands 320K in pre-seed round led by Arbour & Renaud Capital

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We are excited to announce that Hookdeck has raised $320 000USD in pre-seed funding, led by Arbour & Renaud Capital. The funds raised will accelerate the development of our systems, which will in turn enable developers to manage webhooks instantly and reliably. Arbour & Renaud Capital are behind some of the most innovative companies in Montreal, such as designstripe and Nolk. Investors also include Gorgias co-founders Alex Plugaru and Romain Lapeyre, as well as LogDNA's co-founder Chris Nguyen. The capital will be invested into growing our development team, and building a community around webhooks.

At Hookdeck, our main objective is to support our current and potential users with larger use cases, which involves receiving webhooks at scale. We are therefore doubling down on the product's reliability by building new features to help developers monitor and manage inbound webhooks and recover from errors. Our expansion will also focus on integrating development tooling into the solution (CLI, SDK, etc). Our goal is to help developers streamline their workflow, from development to the deployment of their webhook integration.

We are seeing an interest for a solution to handle webhooks that is simple to set up, reliable, and provides the tooling expected when in production. Eric, Co-Founder

We are committed to supporting the developer community, which is why our initiatives are focused on creating resources that empower developers. It's important to us that developers feel confident enough to take advantage of webhooks, and therefore we will be promoting the best practices and creating resources on concepts from the webhooks world.

Hookdeck started as an idea to help developers troubleshoot their webhooks in production, but it has since evolved into a complete webhook infrastructure that enables developers to deploy their webhook integrations quickly and responsibly. We are very excited about what's coming up next - it's the first step towards redefining asynchronous communication between systems. Starting with webhooks!

"We've talked with a lot of tech teams. One thing is clear, everyone is spending a lot of time building the same thing over and over or hacking things together that eventually suffer from failures. At Hookdeck, we aim to make this instantaneous and reliable."

Alexandre, Co-Founder

For more information, visit Hookdeck, LinkedIn or @Hookdeck.‍‍