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Hookdoo Joins Hookdeck in Building the Future of Webhook Tooling


We are excited to announce that Hookdoo is now part of Hookdeck!

With Hookdoo and the help of Adnan and Adnan, we believe that Hookdeck is taking a step in the right direction in its mission to help developers instantly and reliably manage webhooks.


When we launched Hookdeck, Eric and I were looking at webhook solutions available. We stumbled on Adnan's amazing repo called webhook and decided to reach out for a chat because we were curious to get his perspective on our V1 idea for Hookdeck. He gladly accepted the request. We quickly jumped on a call to bounce ideas and share our vision.

After hearing us out, he suggested the idea of sharing Hookdeck on the repo. He told us how he could see Hookdeck being very useful for many webhook users since developers will most likely have to inspect payloads and retry delivery while working on their hook setup. We were really excited about it, so obviously we said: "heck yeah!"

Fast forward a few months, throughout which we continued chatting with Adnan. We also started realizing that developers who come from webhooks are getting tons of value from Hookdeck. It got to the point that on one of the calls, Adnan opened up to me about potentially being interested in selling Hookdoo (the SaaS product from webhook repo).

A few days later, Eric and I talked it through and thought it was a great opportunity to grow Hookdeck's exposure to developers who use webhooks. We scheduled a call with Adnan and Adnan (the co-founders of Hookdoo) to share our interest in Hookdoo. We didn't realize it then, but it was clear after our call that Hookdoo's team are webhook experts. On the one hand, Adnan is a thought leader that cultivated a wealth of knowledge by maintaining and collaborating on his open-source project. On the other hand, the other co-founder, Adnan, is technically savvy when it comes to managing webhooks and system scalability.

Adnan and Adnan saw the future of Hookdoo in good hands; we quickly decided how to move forward to have Hookdoo join Hookdeck. Here we are. We are incredibly thrilled that we will be collaborating with Adnan and Adnan monthly to get their advice and help on Hookdeck!

What to look out for

In the immediate, we plan to include Hookdoo's standard plan in all of Hookdeck's paying plans. We want Hookdeck customers to enjoy Hookdoo's strong scripting capabilities.

After that? To be 100% honest, we haven't decided how to integrate Hookdoo within Hookdeck, but with the help of Adnan and Adnan, we are confident we will find the right way to incorporate their scripting ability in the product.

This is a big step towards building a solution that helps developers instantly and reliably manage webhooks.

Working with Adnan and Adnan will help us understand how developers that work with webhooks day in and day out are tackling their projects, and build Hookdeck to help them. I can't wait! Eric, Co-Founder

Alex, Co-Founder