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The plans, they are a-changin’


Today we’re announcing a long-overdue update to Hookdeck’s plans and pricing. We’ll cover the highlights below, but feel free to reach out with any questions about these changes.

Why the change?

Hookdeck has evolved a ton since we drafted our initial pricing model last April. Over the past year, we’ve amassed a mountain of feedback from our users that sheds light on some faulty assumptions we made when creating our initial pricing tiers.

In the spirit of full transparency, let’s dive into those faulty assumptions and how we aim to remedy them.

What’s changing?

We’re separating requests and attempts

Faulty assumption: All requests are created equal.

Many people had questions about what constitutes an event. Is an event any request that Hookdeck receives? Or is it the number of requests Hookdeck sends out? Am I paying for filtered events? What about retries?

Confused customers is usually a sign that something needs to change. We struggled for a long time to come up with some consistent logic that would make sense both internally and externally.

Finally, someone asked the right question: Why can’t I pay for just the webhooks I care about?

That’s when we understood that events needed to be separated in two distinct categories.

  1. Requests

    A request is any inbound webhook delivered from a source to Hookdeck.

  2. Attempts

    An attempt is any outbound webhook Hookdeck sends to a destination. (By this stage in the process, our users have already filtered out any webhooks they don’t care about).

By decoupling these event types, we can better align the internal cost of processing requests with our users’ external value of receiving the requests they care about.

We’re making seats unlimited for all customers

Faulty assumption: The size of a team is tightly coupled with their webhook volume.

Looking at the data, we realized that the number of users on a team has a low correlation with the the number of webhooks that team needs to process.

So we’re now offering unlimited seats on every paid plan, to better serve large teams with low webhook volume. Many of these businesses want to add their entire tech team to Hookdeck – why should we stand in their way?

We’re increasing volume for free users

Faulty assumption: Webhook volume is tightly correlated with the size of a team.

Same faulty assumption, different domain.

The last thing we want to do is nickel-and-dime our users. New customers should select their plan based on their retention and feature needs, not on bundled usage.

Free plans will now enjoy 100k requests and 100k attempts. All paid plans now include 1 million requests and 1 million attempts, with additional usage available at a nominal rate.

We’re giving away more features for free

Faulty assumption: Free users will be satisfied with the minimal feature set.

We don’t want to block anyone from harnessing the full power of Hookdeck. Our free plan should be an honest extension of our mission to empower developers to work with webhooks in every stage of the product cycle: development, testing, production, and monitoring.

With access to bulk retry, signature verification, custom event views, and transformations (coming soon), our free users will no longer feel that Hookdeck is hindering their workflow.

The new plans

PriceFree$39 / month$119 / month$499 / month
Retention3 days7 days14 days30 days
Requests100K requests1M requests1M requests1M requests
Attempts100K attempts1M attempts1M attempts1M attempts
Additional RequestsN/A25¢ / 100K requests25¢ / 100K requests25¢ / 100K requests
Additional AttemptsN/AAdditional Attempts$1 / 100K attempts$1 / 100K attempts
Features1 SeatUnlimited SeatsPerformance QuotasPoller

Every new plan includes

CLICustom Event ViewsAutomatic Issue TrackingSignature Verification
BookmarkCustom AlertsPause DeliveryTransformations
Manual ReplayHistogramAutomatic RetriesFilters
Bulk RetryRate Limits

What if I want to keep my plan?

No problem! If you’re a paying customer, you can stay on your current plan as long as you like. Upgrade to the new plans from your dashboard at any time.

Wrapping up

With these new pricing tiers in mind, we’ll continue to focus on adding features that give you complete confidence in your webhooks – including health checks, analytics, and data security compliance (we’re working on SoC2)!

Hookdeck is built by developers, for developers. That’s why we always aim for 100% transparency. If there’s anything we failed to address here, or if you have any other questions or concerns, please drop us a line.

We’re here for you!