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How to Receive Typeform Webhooks on Your Localhost


You cannot receive webhooks locally unless you are tunneling external requests, and Typeform webhooks are unfortunately no exception to this rule.

In this guide, I will walk you through how to receive Typeform webhooks to your localhost using a free tool: Hookdeck’s CLI!

In this example, I want to receive Typeform test requests on my express server running on port 9001.

import express from "express";
const app = express();
const port = process.env.PORT || 9001;

app.use(express.json());"*", async (req, res) => {
  console.log("Typeform webhook received in localhost");

    response_message: {
      message: `Server response to Typeform webhook received on localhost!`,

app.listen(port, () => {
  console.log(`Mock Destination listening on http://localhost:${port}`, {
    type: "server",

Setting up the Hookdeck CLI

Let’s install Hookdeck’s CLI, which will allow us to proxy Typeform webhooks to our localhost.

Install Hookdeck command

In this example, I am using a Mac computer. If you are using Windows, Linux, or other, you can check out the command here.

brew /hookdeck/hookdeck/hookdeck

Great! You’ve downloaded Hookdeck CLI.

Run Hookdeck

You can run Hookdeck without an account with the following command:

hookdeck listen $PORT

Now that you have Hookdeck running, it will prompt you with the questions below to create your connection.

Hookdeck CLI for Typeform

Awesome! We have:

Receiving Typeform webhooks on your localhost

Enter Hookdeck URL

Now that we have a URL, let’s share it to Typeform.

  1. Go to your form.
  2. Select “Connect”.
  3. Click “Webhooks”.
  4. Click “Add a webhook”.
  5. Enter your Hookdeck URL.

Enter hookdeck URL in typeform

Validate by triggering Typeform’s test request webhook

Lets make sure it works.

  1. Toggle Webhook ON.
  2. Click “View deliveries”.

Toggle webhook

  1. Select “Send test request”.

Typeform response 200

Typeform successfully delivered the test webhook to our port 9001!

Let’s check our terminal

Localhost received typeform test request

Great, the console printed the message when receiving a webhook (see server in step 1).

Let’s check in Hookdeck

Click the link in the terminal to inspect the webhook in Hookdeck.

Typeform webhook in Hookdeck

Everything works! We can confirm Typeform’s webhook in the dashboard. It’s been delivered to my MacBook Pro client.

📄 If I had teammates, Hookdeck’s CLI would allow us to work on the same webhooks without receiving each other’s requests in our localhost!

And just like Typeform, you can use Hookdeck to inspect the webhook payload and metadata as well as manually retry as many times you need!

Retry in Hookdeck CLI

You are all set to succeed with Typeform webhooks and build any integrations you can imagine.

Wrapping up

In this guide, you learned how to receive Typeform webhooks to your localhost by using Hookdeck’s CLI. I hope this guide will help you test and troubleshoot your Typeform integrations locally with no sweat.

Happy coding!