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Difference Between HTTP View and CLI View

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In this guide, we will look at both HTTP View and CLI View. Hookdeck offers these views to help you monitor and search webhook events, whether they are delivered to a destination with an HTTP URL or a local server via the CLI. You can toggle between them using the dropdown on the left sidebar.

HTTP vs CLI view

What is HTTP View?

HTTP View focuses on displaying webhooks events delivered to destinations with an HTTP URL.

For example, in the situation below, we would only see webhooks events sent to the staging connection.


What is CLI View?

CLI View focuses on displaying webhook events delivered to a local server via the CLI. You can only receive events using the CLI when the destination is either set to CLI only, or you have the allow CLI connections option checked.

CLI only

cli path

Allow CLI connection


Following the previous example, if we set up the CLI to listen to GitHub, we would see events delivered to:

  • /deploy from the Deploy connection; and
  • /staging from the Staging connection, if the Allow CLI connections option is enabled.

How to use HTTP View tutorial

Create a connection with an HTTP destination

example api

Send a webhook (HTTP POST) using Postman

postman sent http

Inspect webhook event on HTTP View

Http view test

How to use CLI View tutorial

Create a connection

The first step is to create a connectionwith a destination that has "Allow CLI connections" checked.

Destination with CLI path forwarding

Connect to the CLI

Use the following command: hookdeck listen PORT. Learn how to install and connect to the CLI here. Then, select "example" as the source.

Connecting to the CLI

If the CLI was successfully connected, you should see the CLI status as "Connected" in the UI left sidebar.

CLI is connected

Send a webhook (HTTP POST)

Next we are going to send a webhook using Postman.

Postman send CLI test

Inspect webhook event on CLI View

cli view test

By toggling between HTTP View and CLI View, you can navigate through your webhooks that have been delivered to either an HTTP or CLI destination.