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Hoodeck's product guides and use cases

How to Fan Out Webhooks to Different Services

Learn how to use Hookdeck to fan out webhooks to different services.

Use Case

How to Receive Webhooks on HTTP Endpoints

How to use Hookdeck to UI and API to receive a webhook to an HTTP endpoint (URL).

Use Case

Difference Between HTTP View and CLI View

Learn what is the difference between the HTTP view and CLI view, and how to take advantage of them.


How to Use Filter to Search and Find Webhooks

Learn how to use filters to search and find webhooks.

Use Case

How to Modify Webhook Failure Retry Logic with Custom Rules

How to add a custom rule to modify a webhook failure retry logic

Use Case

How to Safely Update Webhook Destination in Production

How to update a Destination's URL in production without dropping a webhook.

Use Case

How to Prevent Webhook Spikes from Crashing Your Servers

Learn how to set up a rate limit for a Destination in Hookdeck. Benefit from a throttled delivery to control the pace your server receives webhooks. Avoid losing webhooks because your server crashed handling a webhook spike.


How to Use Hookdeck with Cloudflare Bot Fight Mode

Guide of the steps required to make Hookdeck and Cloudflare bot protection work together.


How to Verify a Signature with Basic Auth in Hookdeck

This tutorial teaches you how to add Hookdeck’s Basic Auth “configure-your-own” source integrations to verify webhooks from your provider.

Use Case

Guide to Creating your Hookdeck Connections

Learn everything you need to know creating a Hookdeck connections.