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Hookdeck Review: April 2024

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Welcome to the Hookdeck Review for April 2024.

In April, we shipped a middleware library for Vercel that makes it possible to convert any Vercel endpoint into a feature-rich and scalable asynchronous endpoint. We released a new Hookdeck SDK for TypeScript. And our CEO, Alex, jumped on the Scaling DevTools and Software Engineering podcasts.

Hookdeck Vercel Middleware

The Hookdeck Vercel Middleware adds authentication, configurable delays, filtering, queuing, throttling, and retry support to any asynchronous HTTP requests (e.g., webhooks) made to Vercel hosted applications. The middleware enables use cases, including managing webhooks from API providers such as Stripe, Shopify, and Twilio, and building asynchronous APIs.

Hookdeck Vercel Middleware

Read the full Hookdeck Vercel Middleware announcement.

Or get started with the Hookdeck Vercel Middleware.

Hookdeck TypeScript SDK

The Hookdeck TypeScript SDK provides functionality for building applications that require dynamic orchestration of Hookdeck connections. With the SDK, you can programmatically manage sources, authentication, transformations, filters, routing, queueing, destinations, and rate-limiting. The SDK, built on the Hookdeck API, simplifies using Hookdeck for a number of use cases, including adding outbound webhook support to your event-driven applications.

Hookdeck TypeScript SDK

Read the full Hookdeck TypeScript SDK announcement.

Or check out the Hookdeck TypeScript SDK on GitHub.


Software Engineering Daily and Scaling DevTools podcasts

Software Engineering Daily: Building an Event Gateway

Alex joined the Software Engineering Daily podcast to discuss event-driven architecture, building event gateways, expanding Hookdeck beyond webhooks, and much more.

Listen to the Software Engineering Daily podcast.

Scaling DevTools: Defining a New DevTools Product Category

Alex spoke to Jack Bridger of Scaling DevTools about Hookdeck being an event gateway for asynchronous applications, why we've decided to define a new product category and the importance of doing so.

Listen to the Scaling DevTools podcast.

That's it for the April review.

Don't forget to get in touch with any questions, share your thoughts on Hookdeck, or let us know what you're building.