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Automatically retry events

With automatic retries, Hookdeck will continue to attempt delivery for failed events.

Each automatic retry is counted as a new attempt. Once an attempt succeeds, further automatic retries on that event are cancelled.

Events are limited to 50 automatic retries, but can still be manually retried after that limit is hit.

Configuring automatic retries

Configure a connection's automatic retries by setting its retry rule. There you can define the number of automatic retries Hookdeck will attempt after an event fails, the time interval between each attempt, and the retry strategy.

The retry strategy can be either linear or exponential. With a linear strategy, retries occur at regular intervals; with an exponential strategy, each retry is delayed twice as long as the previous (1 hour, 2 hours, 4 hours, etc.).

Viewing the next attempt

To determine when a specific event will be retried, locate the event and note its Next Attempt At property.