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Create a filter

Filters are applied to a connection, just like any other rule.

To version control your filters, consider creating or updating your connection using the API.

  1. Open the connection rules configuration.

  2. Click

    to add a filter rule.

  3. Click Open Editor to configure the filter.

    • To add a filter for the Body, Headers, Query, or Path, select the appropriate tab above the editor.
    • In the right pane, enter the desired schema using proper filter syntax.
    • In the left pane appears the most recent payload for reference and testing purposes. This reference text is editable.
  4. Once written, test your filter against the event in the left pane by clicking

    Test Filter
    . A check mark next to each section indicates the webhook would be allowed through to its destination based on the contents of that section.

  5. Once satisfied, click


  6. Make sure to click

    again on the connection form to apply your changes.

From this point on, any events not matching the filter are disregarded by Hookdeck, and will not appear in your list of events.