What is a Ruleset?

A Ruleset defines the retry logic and alert logic for your webhook connection. A Ruleset has a label, a retry strategy, and an alert strategy.

The retry logic is composed of 3 elements:

  • The Retry Strategy is algorithm used to schedule retries. The options are linear and exponential.

    • linear retry will schedule retries with the same delay between each retry. If your interval is 1 hour then the retries will be every hour.
    • exponential retry will progress backoff between retries. Each retry delay will be twice as long as the previous. If your interval is 1 hour then the retries will be 1 hour later, 2 hours later, 4 hours later, 8 hours etc.
  • The Retry Count is the number of automatic retries the event will attempt when there's a failure. The automatic retry stops when there's a successful event.
  • The Retry Interval is the time interval between each one of the automatic retries.

The the maximum delay for a retry is 1 week. If you configuration leads to a retry schedule that would go over that limit you'll be shown an error.

The alert logic is composed of two elements:

  • The Alert Strategy determines when Hookdeck's will send you alerts for failed events.

    • Each Attempt Failure: Send an alert as soon as an attempt fails.
    • Last Attempt Failure: Send an alert when the maximum retry count is reached and all previous attempts failed.
  • The Alert Interval is the time interval between each alert.

Why a Ruleset?

Part of Hookdeck value is to make sure you can recover from errors.

Controlling the retry logic means you can specify what works best for your use cases. You no longer have to rely on every API provider's different retry logic!

Receiving alerts in a timely manner results in a more proactive approach to troubleshooting. You don't need to wait for customer support to report an issue to be aware of a problem that will impact the client. Alerts contain the payload of your destination response.

Create a Ruleset

To create a Ruleset follow these two steps:

Create a ruleset

Edit a Ruleset

You can edit a Ruleset by selecting the edit button from the ruleset card options menu:

Edit a ruleset

Archive a Ruleset

You have the option to archive a ruleset you do not use anymore.

Archive a Ruleset

You can unarchive a Ruleset if you decide to want to use it again.

Unarchive a Ruleset