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Workspaces overview

A workspace is a home for your team's webhook connections, routing logic, and event history. Users must have at least one workspace in order to use Hookdeck.


A user can be a member of both personal and professional workspaces at the same time.

Billing occurs on a per-workspace basis, so each workspace can have its own distinct plan depending on its needs.

Workspace properties

API key

You will need this value to query Hookdeck's API. Find it on the Secrets tab in your workspace settings.

To reset your API key, contact us.

Signing secret

The signing secret can be found on the Secrets tab in your workspace settings. Your destination server should use this value to verify the authenticity of requests coming from Hookdeck. Find the details on how to verify Hookdeck's signature here.

To reset your signing secret, contact us.


The Members tab in your workspace settings displays all the users who have access to your workspace's webhook connections, event history, issues, and more. Add or remove members to manage their access.


The Quotas tab in your workspace settings reports your current plan's ceilings, including its maximum throughput rates, total request limit, maximum payload size, delivery timeout, and more. Some of these values can be increased by upgrading your plan, or by contacting us directly.

The request rate and attempt rate are soft ceilings. No webhooks are ever discarded, even when these rates are exceeded. Rather, a leaky bucket algorithm is employed to process requests up to the listed rates, and retain the rest for processing at the next available moment. Plans with greater throughput can process webhooks at a higher maximum rate.

Delivery with static IPs

If you need inbound webhooks to arrive from a predictable set of IP addresses, contact us to request the static IP add-on for your workspace.

To check whether the static IP add-on is enabled, see the Delivery section under your general workspace settings. If enabled, Hookdeck requests will arrive from one of the following IP addresses:


To request the static IP add-on for your workspace, please contact us.