Transform your payloads.

Convert and conform webhooks before they hit your server

Use simple JavaScript to reshape a webhook’s headers, body, and path – all without building a custom layer.

Free and unlimited.

Transformations are more useful than you think – here’s how developers are taking advantage of them.

Unify models

Conform incoming webhooks to a single format. For example, Shopify and WooCommerce with the same order schema.

Reduce server load

Trim the data you don’t need so your server only sees what it has to.

Standardize data structures

Convert payloads from XML to JSON for example.

Add compatibility

Add API keys or reformat a payload to make it compatible with another provider.

Prettify your payloads

Make your payloads human-readable for ops & support integrations.

Incorporate environment variables

Transformations support environment variables for storing secrets.

Representation of a webhook connection above an opened webhook transformation modal.

I'm so happy with transformations. My Slack alerts are finally human-readable."

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