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Published Aug 6, 2021

How to Safely Update Webhook Destination in Production

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Eric Tran

You want to change your Destination's URL but you are also afraid of the risk of dropping webhooks.

In this tutorial, we will learn how to take advantage of the pausing of a webhook connection to safely change a Destination's URL.

__This tutorial is also applicable for any scenario that cause your server to have downtime. __

What is Pausing

When a webhook connection is paused, Hookdeck keeps the webhooks on hold and queues them. Once the webhook connection is unpaused, Hookdeck delivers them safely following the destination's rate limit.


Tutorial example

In this example, I am receiving webhooks from GitHub which are sent to two Destinations (Actions and Deploy). I want to change my endpoint for Actions without running the risk of dropping a webhook.

Pause tutorial scenario

Pausing a webhook connection

  1. Select the connection
  2. Click "Pause" button

Pause Tutorial

Update Destination's endpoint

Notice your webhook related to the connection is on hold. You can safely start a server update or change endpoints without being concerned about dropping a webhook.

webhook on pause

Let's update the Destination's URL and then click Save.

update destination

Unpause webhook connection

  1. Select the connection
  2. Click "Unpause" button

unpause webhook

Great! My webhooks from github → actions that were on hold are being delivered and processed.

unpaused webhook processing

Now you know how to take advantage of the Pause feature!

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