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Hoodeck's guides and use cases for using webhooks with popular platforms

Guide to Discord Webhooks Features and Best Practices

Learn what are Discord webhook features and best practices to help you manage scalability, reliability, and security of your Discord webhook integration.


How to Solve “Shopify: Exceeded 2 Calls per Second for API Client” for Webhooks

When using webhooks, how to implement a queue with rate limiting to avoid “Shopify: Exceeded 2 Calls per Second for API Client”.


How to Create Zendesk Webhooks With the Zendesk API Tutorial

In this step-by-step tutorial, learn how to subscribe to Zendesk’s webhooks with Zendesk's API using Postman HTTP client.


How to Create Zendesk Webhooks With Zendesk’s Dashboard

In this tutorial, follow a step-by-step example to learn how to use Zendesk dashboard to set up, test, and delete a webhook subscription.


Guide to Zendesk Webhooks Features and Best Practices

In this guide, you will learn about Zendesk webhooks features, their behavior and what are the best practices for working with them.


How to Receive Typeform Webhooks on Your Localhost

In this guide, learn how to receive Typeform webhooks to your localhost using the Hookdeck’s CLI.


How to Solve SendGrid's One Webhook URL Limit

Learn how to bypass SendGrid’s one webhook URL limitation with Hookdeck.

Use Case

How to Exclude Shopify Webhooks Using a Filter

A short step-by-step explanation of how to reduce the number of Shopify webhooks you receive by applying a conditional logic using the Hookdeck filter feature.

Use Case

How to Test and Replay Stripe Webhooks Locally

A tutorial in which you learn how to receive Stripe webhook events through Hookdeck to an application running on localhost.


How to Solve Iterable: Exceeded Rate Limit for Webhooks

A quick step-by-step description of how to solve Iterable’s rate-limiting issues by using Hookdeck as a queue to throttle the request rates.

Use Case